High-Speed flash of approximately 1/30,000th of a second captures action of an ice cube being dropped into a glass of whiskey.

The gradient background was created with velum diffusion material illuminated with a single Paul C. Buff White Lightning model 600 monoflash using a 30º honeycomb grid and rosco 111 diffusion gel and other various color gels to make the warm orange hue. The foreground setting is a large piece of crinkled blue gel with “whiskey” spilled on to it from previous attempts of dropping the Artificial Acrylic Ice Cubes Crystal into the glass. Additional lighting was placed frame left using another White Lightning model 600 monoflash modulated through a softbox strip of 14 X 54 inches in size and a silver reflector placed on the opposite side of the glass. The “Whiskey” was actually watered down coffee that emulated the correct color of liquid. No actual whiskey was harmed in the filming of this photograph.

©2015 Eric James Swearingen