“Alms” are traditionally donations given to the poor or needy…

Alms Soup is an interesting approach to blending culinary expertise with community investment thru soup.

Alms Soup will soon services the public in the Metro Bakersfield area Monday thru Friday with Gourmet Soups, Salads and Breads made from locally sourced fresh ingredients, while providing jobs for the “hard to employ” by partnering with Kern High School District and Kern County Employers Training Resource.

All products from Alms Soup Kitchen will become available in the near future for ordered & delivery using the Alms Soup Kitchen online app. currently in development.

By purchasing a single lunch from Alms Soup Kitchen, each meal will provide an opportunity to support four addition needy members of our community by feeding and/or training them with food service skills that can later be used to acquire jobs within the work environment.

The creator of Alms Soup Kitchen, Executive Chef / Culinary Consultant and Host of TV Talk Show “In The Heat”: Bruce Tisler was asked, ‘Why a Soup Kitchen’?

His response was:

“During several catering events in 2012 where we served soup and received an over welling positive response from the attendees, we thought how cool it would be to open a soup kitchen or a restaurant. We then asked the question ‘what is a soup kitchen?’ What we learned was, a soup kitchen is a place for nourishment and comfort to communities and this tradition has a very long history that dates back well over two thousand years.  In our research we found the first written accounts of Soup Kitchens were during the construction of the early Egyptian pyramids. Soup Kitchens in more modern times severed to feed the masses during the Great Depression of the 1930’s and this is what most people envision when you use the term ‘Soup Kitchen’, these days.

Alms Soup Kitchen is a new variation of this concept where the public purchases lunch at a very affordable price and we deliver the orders directly to them at their office or workplace and as a result, supports those in need by offsetting our cost of production. This then allows us to donate large amounts of our product to various food banks for redistribution. Alms Soup Kitchen also provides training and jobs for many people that might not otherwise be fortunate enough to ever have the opportunity to learn these culinary skills. This will prepare them to seek future employment in the food serves industry after their experience at Alms Soup Kitchen has concluded.


In addition to this Soup Kitchen service, we provide a medical nutrition version of our soups called ‘Emerald’ prepared primarily for cancer patients. Soup is a highly effective delivery method of nutrients that are extremely easy to digest and studies suggest that it can have exceptional health benefits to those suffering from malnutrition and/or patients with suppressed immune deficiencies brought on by the side effect from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

So, you see, ‘soup’ isn’t just a convenient canned item in your pantry, if prepared properly with an arrangement of fresh ingredients, it can quite literally be lifesaving!”

Alms Soup Kitchen service is scheduled to become operational by the 2nd quarter of 2017. For more information please visit http://www.almssoup.org and support this project on KickStarter 


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