There is nothing more satisfying than a juicy steak char broiled on an open fire. This image depicts a classic barbecued thick cut New York steak on the grill.

The initial idea for this shot derives from the other night, when I was sitting at a camp fire as the coals burned down to mere embers. I decided to try photographing them using a Nikkor 180mm f/2.8 prime lens and my Nikon D800 @ ISO 580 around a ¼ of a second exposure time.

The next day when review the results, I thought it would be great to have a steak cooking over that fire. After a brief search though the archives I was able to find a suitable image from a previous shoot at Krush Restaurant & Bar photographed using full production lighting system, so it looked really nice and well defined. Then, I add a photoshopped grill silhouette between the steak and embers. Last thing needed to sell the images was a bit of smoke again retrieved from archived pictures. Hopefully the composite looks natural enough to pass undetected by the casual viewer and is accepted as just another production image. I think it could work well with graphics for an Advertisement.

©2015 Eric James Swearingen
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